30, Nikola Petkov Str.
5400 Sevlievo
tel: 0675 3 28 68
fax: 0675 3 28 70
еmail: emka@nat.bg

The company was established in 1936 in Sevlievo and has over 87 years history as cables and wires producer.

EMKA JSC is a private joint-stock company and belongs to the group of Industrial Capital Holding.

The company manufactures a wide range of cable and wires.

Cables are manufactured and tested in compliance with international standards such as IEC, HD, VDE, BS and very strong firm norms.

Some of our insulated cables are authorized to carry quality marks VDE and HAR.

EMKA JSC is the sole producer of Round and rectangular copper/aluminium wires with different types of insulation in Bulgaria.

The products of EMKA JSC are popular abroad where our partners are companies in Germany, France, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Latvia, Romania, Republic of Serbia and other Balkan countries.